Monday, December 20, 2010

Wheel of Fortune

Where are your alleged "anti-terrorism" tax dollars going?

Billions are going down the drain in offices full of untrained unauthorized surveillance of those would-be terrorists, bike lane advocates.

"Maryland State Police infiltrated local groups that lobbied for bike lanes and human rights"

1. The FBI's Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative, or SAR, currently contains 161,948 suspicious activity files, into which authorities can put information they've gathered about the people at the center of the files: employment history, financial documents, phone numbers, photos. In many cases, the people in the files have not been accused of any crime but have attracted the suspicions of a local cop, FBI agent or even fellow citizen. The files have led to five arrests but no convictions, the FBI says. Some of the files are unclassified so that local police agencies and even businesses can submit reports on anyone they deem suspicious.

2. The Department of Homeland Security does not know how much it spends in funding state fusion centers, which synthesize security information from all state agencies and feed information to SAR. But since 2001, the department has doled out $31 billion to states and localities for domestic security initiatives.

3. Local officials at these fusion centers are tasked with understanding terrorism, but have little or no training. To fill the void, self-styled experts with fairly extreme views on the scope of the Muslim terrorist threat are asked to come in and train local authorities, the Post reports. Professed ex-terrorist Walid Shoebat told a group at the first annual South Dakota Fusion Center Conference in Sioux Falls this year that they should monitor local Muslim student groups and mosques and try to tap their phones. "You can find out a lot of information that way," he said.

National intelligence officials told the Post they preferred that people with "evidence-based" approaches to Islam were lecturing instead, but that no guidelines are in place to determine the qualifications of a given speaker.

4. The localities are often left without guidance from the Department of Homeland Security, which can lead to confusion about the counter-terrorism actions they're supposed to be carrying out. Virginia's fusion center named historically black colleges as "potential" terrorism hubs; Maryland State Police infiltrated local groups that lobbied for bike lanes and human rights; and a contractor in Pennsylvania writing an intelligence bulletin flagged meetings of the Tea Party Patriots Coalition and environmental activists.

5. Many states and towns are taking the unprecedented amounts of money handed out to fight terrorists and are using it instead to fight crime. "We have our own terrorists, and they are taking lives every day," Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin said.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fine by me.

If you think cycling isn't a political issue, the latest brouhaha over Berkeley cops fining a student $440 for locking his bike and running a stop sign should prove you wrong.

Campus cops are swarming around students who dare to ride their bikes across a plaza, or -shockers!- cruise through a stop sign when there's no traffic. Berkeleyites are mad!

Just look at the angry arguments on SF Weekly's blog post, "A Bike is not a Car."

Anyone who isn't a cyclist seems to view cyclists as cast members from Death Race 2000. Demonize the wheeled ones while you yack on your cell phone, straddling two lanes in your SUV. Go ahead.

But fining someone for cycling violations, and demanding a driver's license, is not legal, or cool. A 10-year-old kid can ride a bike. You don't need a license to ride a bike, and motor vehicle laws do not apply.

Stop attacking cyclists. Pretty soon there won't be any more oil, and there will be a lot more people cycling by necessity, not just for fun.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fire in My Belly by David Wojnarowicz, Diamanda Galas

This got censored, in Washington, D.C.
Just like Mapplethorpe in 1989. and the Gang of Four.

Robert Mapplethorpe. Wojnarowicz, Diamanda Galas.
If you don't know who they are, first of all, you're clueless; second, find out about them if you don't.

Two trillion on wars, and some 20-year-old East Village poverty super-8 classic with chilling vocals by the most piercing clarity, combined with a frenetic montage of the experience of their abuse during the AIDS war, SCARES the reichwing into censoring this art.

Because they have nothing better to do? Now?

Washington Post:

This fuss is about the larger topic of the show: Gay love, and images of it. The headline that ran over coverage of the matter on the right-wing Web site mentioned the crucifix - but as only one item in a list of the exhibition's "shockers" that included "naked brothers kissing, genitalia and Ellen DeGeneres grabbing her breasts." (Through a bra, one might note, in an image that's less shocking than many moves by Lady Gaga.) The same site decries "a painting the Smithsonian itself describes in the show's catalog as 'homoerotic'. "

Against all odds, the stodgy old National Portrait Gallery has recently become one of the most interesting, daring institutions in Washington. Its 2009 show on Marcel Duchamp's self-portrayal was important, strange and brave. "Hide/Seek," the show about gay love that it opened in October, was crucial - a first of its kind - and courageous, as well as being full of wonderful art. My review of it was a rave.

Now the NPG, and the Smithsonian Institution it is part of, look set to come off as cowards. Tuesday, after a few hours of pressure from the Catholic League and various conservatives, it decided to remove a video by David Wojnarowicz, a gay artist who died from AIDS-related illness in 1992. As part of "Hide/Seek," the gallery was showing a four-minute excerpt from a 1987 piece titled "A Fire in My Belly," made in honor of Peter Hujar, an artist-colleague and lover of Wojnarowicz who had died of AIDS complications in 1987. And for 11 seconds of that meandering, stream-of-consciousness work (the full version is 30 minutes long) a crucifix appears onscreen with ants crawling on it. It seems such an inconsequential part of the total video that neither I nor anyone I've spoken to who saw the work remembered it at all.

But that is the portion of the video that the Catholic League has decried as "designed to insult and inflict injury and assault the sensibilities of Christians," and described as "hate speech" - despite the artist's own hopes that the passage would speak to the suffering of his dead friend. The irony is that Wojnarowicz's reading of his piece puts it smack in the middle of the great tradition of using images of Christ to speak about the suffering of all mankind. There is a long, respectable history of showing hideously grisly images of Jesus - 17th-century sculptures in the National Gallery's recent show of Spanish sacred art could not have been more gory or distressing - and Wojnarowicz's video is nothing more than a relatively tepid reworking of that imagery, in modern terms.


An indictment on Super8, scaring the bejeezus out of the rightwing.

The Decemberist

December is my favoritest month.

New BARtab here!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Adopt Inky

Adopt Inky, a one-year-old former street youth saved from a life of crime and nurtured by a a loving family.

He's still a bit uncouth, needs a scratching post, and likes to hide in the closet. We think he's gay.

After he got fixed, he got a bit of a chub, and he's still got his claws, but with light play he retracts them. He's easily amused by tossed paper, string and toys.

Inky comes with a full playset; litter box, large tub full of food, steel scooper and extra litter!

We know you'll fall in love with him.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rubber Up!

In a seismic shift on one of the most profound " and profoundly contentious " Roman Catholic teachings, the Vatican said Tuesday that condoms are the lesser of two evils when used to curb the spread of AIDS, even if their use prevents a pregnancy.

The position was an acknowledgment that the church's long-held anti-birth control stance against condoms doesn't justify putting lives at risk.

"This is a game-changer," declared the Rev. James Martin, a prominent Jesuit writer and editor.

The new stance was staked out as the Vatican explained Pope Benedict XVI's comments on condoms and HIV in a book that came out Tuesday based on his interview with a German journalist.

The Vatican still holds that condom use is immoral and that church doctrine forbidding artificial birth control remains unchanged. Still, the reassessment on condom use to help prevent disease carries profound significance, particularly in Africa where AIDS is rampant.

How nice for them.
How nice for everyone.

NOW will you get over myself and a few thousand others, 110 others inside, for stating this case quite emphatically to the nearest annex of his church, more than twenty years ago?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vin-ish Line

The cat-calling for my favorite biracial bald muscled movie star reaches new proportions on D-Listed, where there are more photos of Vin Diesel riding a bike in Rio with his boyfrie--, friends, er, trainers, er, entourage.

Wear a helmet, dude! We don't want that perfect head getting bumped.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dudes ex Machina

Brian Wilson shows off his total fagstagocity on the Jay Leno Show.

In part two, we meet "The Machine."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bully for you

Bullying, suicides, crazy teabag politicians, Don't Ask Don't Tell...
Agh. I deal with all this at work. I'm not gonna blog about it.

Here are pictures of hot guys in costumes. I'm already planning for Halloween.
Costume suggestions?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Get Lit

Since work and stuff have precluded posting here very often, I thought I'd plan ahead for my possibly only post for the next few weeks.

October 9, as Editor of BARtab, I get to host a Lit Crawl event! Whoo-hoo.

Lit Crawl is the final night of the annual Lit-apalooza, Litquake, where hundreds of snazzy authors read and participate in all kinds of events. It's funtastic for word-lovin' nerds such as I.

Add some socko martinis, and we've got half a dozen smartypants authors - Meliza Banalez, Cindy Emch, Felice Picano, Jim Piechota, Rob Rosen - who will share Bar Pick-ups Gone Terribly Wrong*, Saturday, October 9, 6pm at Martuni's, 4 Valencia St. at Market, in San Francisco.

RSVP to the Facebook Invite, if you like.

Check out the nine days of booktastic events at Litquake.

Enjoy leatherific features and events on BARtab.
The October BARtab will be out September 30.

*(... or right)

Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm happy to be working a little bit today on what is a holiday-pay day off for most. Yes, I'll get some sun on this day (mostly) off. But as I type this, I'm messaging on Facebook with a fellow journalist who is in Chicago, and Googling notes on tech/geek web upgrades for work's websites.

Several panels at this past weekend's 20th anniversary NLGJA convention, held in downtown San Francisco, focused on web strategies to basically make articles more popular. There were also a lot of fun social events, and deserving awards given.

While I write about arts now, I get to touch back on gay sports via Out Q Radio stringer gigs, which uses my decades-old speech theatre etc, experience as well.

The latest story: The Federation of Gay Games and Cleveland Synergy Foundation, the non-profit created to bid and host the 2014 9th quadrennial LGBT athletic event, are battling over funding, licensing and other issues. Sources: Plain Dealer, WKSU (additional WKSU article).

That link-filled, "Five Ws" (Who, What, Where, When and Why) sentence should have been the first in this post, according to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. But since this is merely my rambling blog, I 'buried the lead,' something you shouldn't do if you want your blog posts to be "popular." To get good Google-bot assistance, state the story's main themes in the first sentence. I often don't do that here.

I don't often indulge in coverage about coverage, but others do it quite well. You can find more interesting posts about perspectives on gay media issues at

To be popular, according to a sardonic quote from a columnist shared by an NLGJA panelist, you should use 'Lady Gaga' in every article. So... maybe, between lawsuits, some smart Synergy person will book Lady Gaga at Richfield Colosseum or get Lady Gaga to show up at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, because Lady Gaga loves the gays.

So, if this latest round of gay sports administrative infighting doesn't lead to yet another full-blown Gay Games controversy, we may get more stories about actual LGBT jocks with a new angle.

I'm relieved to not have to cover this new soap opera in depth, curious to see how it plays out, relieved that a gay story is not about homosexuality and simply about a bureaucratic catfight, and torn about even returning to Ohio in four years.

A truck photographed during my last winter visit to Ohio

While I understand the intent of bringing the Games to Ohio as a form of cultural outreach, and know from experience that there are many well-equipped sports facilities throughout northeast Ohio, I spent decades living there and know that blood-red state is intractable in its antigay politics (and probably responsible for massive 2004 presidential election ballot fraud).

photo: From Brazil to Bucyrus? Doubtful.

Touching back to Facebook and the clash of personal and work-related social marketing discussed at the NLGJA conference, I just chose not to "friend" a former high school acquaintance on Facebook when I perused his photo album from Glenn Beck's ridiculous "Restore America" rally, aka Whitestock. My brief glances at other similar people I haven't seen in three decades -and don't want to, ever again- revealed similar perspectives.

So, excepting a few Ohioan Facebook pals, and a gay oasis here and there, like Columbus' Short North district, it's also just ... boring, and staunchly rightwing. Non-US jocks are not going to travel across the globe to bowl in Parma and be berated by Tea Party nutjobs.

The "bring The Games back to America" campaign worked in Chicago in 2006, because the Second City's jocks and gay media have a big strong community (See lots of coverage linked on my old site, This summer's Games, held in Cologne, Germany, appear to have been extremely efficient, fun, and lacking controversy, which is good. However, that doesn't result in much US media coverage, gay or mainstream.

Visit scenic Ohio?

Perhaps some bucolic images and features about javelin throwers training on a farm in Coshocton might stir up some sentiment in 2014. Perhaps the Gay Games will empower LGBT Midwesterners, and change the hearts and minds of the Republican-thick Buckeye state. Perhaps this newest administrative battle won't sully the Games' reputation, again.

Perhaps the FGG website's having deleted all info on its GGIX page isn't a bad sign, just a glitch.


Perhaps not.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


No time to blog post, what with editing two websites at work.
Here's a handy-dandy page-view version of the September issue of BARtab:

Click HERE to view all issues.

And enjoy the blog format of all articles, events, and stuff on

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Actively Judging

In which Fox "News"' Chris Wallace spews the faltering rightwing taking points, and gets schooled by Ted Olson.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wheely Stupid

So, Proposition 8 was overturned as unconstitutional, like you haven't heard. I mean, really; biggest gay news of the year! Of course, I was just uploading web pages about it while everyone else was in the streets celebrating.

And, of course, rightwing douchbags are gnashing their fanged teeth, from adulterous 3-time divorcee Newt Gingrich to Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann. Other religious doofs seemed to have failed in their mass prayers to defeat the gays. and in Utah, God gave the Mor(m)ons an earthquake.

But what about cycling? Apparently, to the deranged rightwing, that's even gayerer.

The Denver Post reports on yet another crazy dip-brained rightwing doof who thinks bicycling is a commie conspiracy.

"Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes is warning voters that Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's policies, particularly his efforts to boost bike riding, are "converting Denver into a United Nations community."

"This is all very well-disguised, but it will be exposed," Maes told about 50 supporters who showed up at a campaign rally last week in Centennial.

Maes said in a later interview that he once thought the mayor's efforts to promote cycling and other environmental initiatives were harmless and well-meaning. Now he realizes "that's exactly the attitude they want you to have."

"This is bigger than it looks like on the surface, and it could threaten our personal freedoms," Maes said."

The stupid. It hoitz.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Big (firm grasp of the obvious) news! Gays blog. Gays are on Facebook, in droves.

OnTopMag article: A new poll released Tuesday finds a majority of gay adults frequent social networking sites and blogs.

The Harris Interactive online survey of 2,412 adults, of whom 271 self identified as gay or lesbian, found that gay adults are among the nation's most frequent blog readers and users of social networking sites. A majority (54%) of gay adults read blogs, up from 32% in 2006. Forty percent of heterosexual respondents reported reading blogs.

Most gay adults reported reading news and current issue blogs (36%), followed by entertainment and pop culture blogs (25%). Both of those figures are higher than for their heterosexual counterparts, of which 45% report reading news and current issue blogs and 16% entertainment and pop culture blogs.

TechCrunch article: A new national survey carried out by market research firm Harris Interactive suggests gay and lesbian adults online today are among the most loyal and most frequent blog readers and social network users in the United States.

And since I spend 24/7 glogging (gay blogging) and Gayfacebooking, I have less time to spend here. Actually, I have a day job and a personal life, both of which are more productive than copy-pasting links and stuff here. So don't expect frequent new glogs here.

And because yet another screencap of a blog on a blog about blogs is frackin' dumb, Here's a hot pic of an Iroquois Nation lacrosse player. They refuse to get US passports, because, of course, they are not US citizens, but Iroquois Nation citizens (and not, as far as I know, gay, but very cute).

Yahoo/AP article: "The Iroquois previously have traveled using passports issued by the Iroquois Confederacy. But the U.S. government says that, unlike U.S. passports, the Iroquois passports aren't acceptable under new, stricter immigration rules. The players won't accept U.S. government-issued documents because they see them as an attack on their identity."

And if you don't understand the cultural logic of that protest, you probably never Friended me or read this glog anyway.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Gay, All!

In the spirit of the last and busiest week of Pride month, every day is simply stuffed with LGBT events. Parties, movies, benefits. Before Homo Overload sets in, set your agenda on a Kinsey 7: super-duper-extra gay.

Sunday, June 27 is San Francisco's LGBT Pride Parade and Celebration in Civic Center. Join the largest LGBT celebration in California, which celebrates four decades of pride. Mainstage musical acts in the heart of Civic Center include The Backstreet Boys, Andy Bell of Erasure, Rose Royce, Martha Davis and the Motels. Several DJed dance area in nearby streets should please all tastes. The parade moves from Market St. at Beale west to Market at 8th St., 11am-5pm. And, by the way, don't forget, lots of acts and booths will be open in Civic Center on Saturday, June 26.

Luminous drag stars Peggy L’eggs, Jordan L’Moore, Precious Moments and Tinkle Peterson reunite with SLC royalty Princess Kennedy and band mates Swirly Rat Jr. & Stony Curtis. With go-go dancers the Warm Pepperettes. Special Pride season showcase co-starring Carletta Sue Kay and Brent James. $5. 9:30pm. 398 12th Street at Harrison.

Pepperspray also performs Friday, June 25, with DJ Lady Miss Kier and others, as part of Art Attack at Supperclub, 657 Harrison St. at 3rd. 11pm-ish. $10-$20

Blackbird @ Mama Calizo's Voice Factory
Seth Eisen's fascinating and funny musical cabaret tour through queer cabaret history, from speakeasy singers to Klaus Nomi and Sylvester. $20-$25. 8pm. Thu-Sat (some Sun). Thru July 10. 1519 Mission St.

More, much much more at and

Monday, June 21, 2010

Crude Oil Wrestling

Men rolling around in petroleum (actually canola oil). That’s just about the gayest awareness campaign for the Gulf oil spill. But wait, there’s more.

The Faetopia Festival invades the former Tower Records June 20-26. The groovy Playa Joy folks bring Eco Homo, a fun-filled week of environmental arts, awareness and activist events.

Sunday, June 20, the must-see event was “Crude Oil Wrestling,” a fundraiser for Gulf oil spill relief, with hours of real live (but fake oil) grappling, from 2pm-6pm. Those who got there oily enjoyed the matches in the street in front of the space.

If you missed that there’s more. Partake of environmental education workshops, film screenings, photo sessions and exhibits, and drag shows, including a multimedia recreation of the wild film Aliens Cut My Hair, with Suppositori Spelling, Veronic Klaus, Elvis Herselvis and more.

$20-$45. Check the website for times and tickets. Thru June 26. 2278 Market St. at Noe.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


It almost felt condescending to remind a rather assertive yet clueless publicist who was pushing her mainstream (i.e. not in the least bit gay) client, that: A; We're a gay newspaper, and B; It's June. Therefore, if it ain't got gay swing, it ain't for Miss Thing.

At the same time I was assuring said publicist that no, there was not room in our publication for her client this week, a fellow writer (who's so gay he should have a varsity letter G) shared (via Facebook) his freshly coined term for perpetually online pals: Tweeple.

So, my queeple (queer people), you know it's Pride Month. You're busy. I'm busy. The week's best is below. Go.

Sunday June 20, Dancing With the Drag Stars at Cheryl Burke Dance Studio is a must-see. The second season of the local drag spin-off of the popular dance TV show, hosted at the studio of Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke, includes contestants Mercedes Munro, Sasha Soprano, Margaret Cholo, Ferosha Titties, Cassandra Cass, and returning contestants from last year. Donna Sachet, Sister Roma, Bebe Sweetbriar and Patrick Gallineaux cohost/judge. Proceeds benefit the Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation. $25-$100. 6pm-11pm. 1830 17th St.

The Faetopia Festival invades the former Tower Records June 20-26. The
groovy Playa Joy folks bring Eco Homo, a fun-filled week of
environmental arts, awareness and activist events. Sunday, June 20, the
must-see event is "Crude Boys Oil Wrestling," a fundraiser for Gulf
oil spill relief, with hours of real live (but fake oil) grappling from 2pm-6pm. Get there oily.

Subsequent days, partake of workshops, film screenings, photo sessions and exhibits, and drag shows, including a multimedia recreation of Aliens Cut My Hair, with Suppositori Spelling, Veronica Klaus, Elvis Herselvis and more. Check the website for times and tickets. Thru June 26. 2278 Market St. at Noe.

Thursday, June 24, I'll be at the no-doubt packed Dark Horse Cabaret at Cafe du Nord featuring Planet Booty (the multi-talented and cute Germick brothers), Ethel Merman Experience, Trauma Flintstone, Erika Von Volkyrie, Alyssa Stone, F BJ Browne, Gottie Lux, Kitten on the Keys, Jeremiah Broom, Matthew Martin and Lady Monster in a festive night of queer and curious cabaret. $12-$15. 21+. 8pm. 2170 Market St. at Sanchez. 861-5016.

Equally fab and also June 24 (decisions, decisions!) PepperSpray reunites at the Eagle Tavern. Drag stars Peggy L'eggs, Jordan L'Moore, Precious Moments and Tinkle Peterson reunite with Princess Kennedy, Swirly Rat Jr. and Stony Curtis. The special Pride season showcase includes Carletta Sue Kay and Brent James performing as well. $5.
9:30pm. 398 12th Street at Harrison.

Get out and get your gay on, queeple!

More listings on and nightclub events at

Friday, June 11, 2010


No, it's not a new sandwich, like a PPJ. But "Boycott British Petroleum" may be tougher than you think. Most people don't have the advantage of being cyclist-commuters, but many drivers passing this "polite" protest on the sidewalk next to an Arco gas station (owned by BP) honked their horns in approval.

Cyclists and others, about 30 in total, rode and walked to the problematic gas station, whose entrance driveway cuts off cyclists. On a larger scale, I was hoping there would be more direct action, but it's not wise to go civil disobedience on the site of a flammable gas station. Still, a small message was conveyed.

I was also given a mini-flyer for a "Hair Raising Party" (shouldn't that be hair RAZING?)June 12, 2pm-6pm at 250 Loomis Warehouse (way down on Bayshore and Industrial; quite a bike ride, so maybe carpool).

Although BP has refused hair donations (which made me feel like my head-shaving stunt was futile), I was told that Louisiana locals are making their own hair-sopper mats. So Matter of Trust still serves a purpose.

Free punk CDs for anyone getting a Mohawk! I'd go, but I'm otherwise occupied, and don't have much hair to donate again ... yet!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going Rogue

So, time to play catch-up with some stuff going on.

Elections: I had to go elsewhere to vote, since the nearby middle school is being renovated. Women won big, even though some of them are clueless billionaires who will be awful rightwing tools. Fortunately, some far rightwing nutbags elsewhere lost big, like wack job Orly Taitz.

Lots of dumb stuff nationwide's making headlines. The silliest is dumbass Sarah Palin blaming environmentalists for the oil spill. What a maroon. She conveniently omits the fact that her hubby worked for BP for years.

Locally, the big cycling news is the freak who went on a rampage to deliberately attempt to kill cyclists. The guy was predictably driving an SUV, the ironically named Nissan Rogue.

The Albany man suspected of mowing down four bicyclists last week in the Mission District and Potrero Hill in a six-minute rampage in his SUV was identified Saturday as David Mark Clark.

Clark, 39, was booked into San Francisco County Jail just before midnight Friday, police said. He was booked on four felony counts each of attempted murder, aggravated assault, and hit and run resulting in injury and is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday.

His ex-landlord said the Clark she knew was a kind man, very low key, concerned about health and nutrition and very social. And he was an "avid bicyclist," she said.

"He's really a people person," she said. "This is amazing to me to hear this." Read more:

What's freaky about this? He's not some angry rightwinger, but a "tennis pro, self-styled master natural healer and crystal therapist." Oh, jeez. Hippies Gone Wild.

In the comments section: "If there's a bright side in any of this, it's that his prosecution should be relatively quick." and "Four counts of attempted murder had better result in life in prison."

Another person adds, "Both comments should be true, except for the ointment fly, Kamala Harris." Harris has a reputation for not convicting criminals. Although my paper endorsed her, it was with serious doubt that I voted for her. Her opponents seemed even less competent. But letting this freak off the hook would be truly criminal.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pride Lit

LGBTQ Pride Month starts off with a reading.
This is the first San Francisco Pride event of the month.
Hopefully, you can attend.

Cleis Authors Celebrate Pride Month at LGBT Writers Panel

San Francisco, CA : June 1, 2010
Writer Jim Provenzano will host guitarist Jon Ginoli (Pansy Division); sex educator and writer Felice Newman (whole Lesbian Sex Book); Queen of Lesbian Fiction Ann Bannon; author Rachel Pepper (The Transgender Child); and writer Rob Rosen (Divas Las Vegas), held in conjunction with Pride Month, with "Out and Off the Margins: LGBT Authors Making History," a panel at the San Francisco Public Library at 6:00pm.

Cleis Press.

San Francisco Public Library.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buzz Off

Buzz cut benefit to fight the Gulf Coast oil spill, believe it or not.

Promo mention in BAR-TAB.

Thursday, April 22, 2010