Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Big (firm grasp of the obvious) news! Gays blog. Gays are on Facebook, in droves.

OnTopMag article: A new poll released Tuesday finds a majority of gay adults frequent social networking sites and blogs.

The Harris Interactive online survey of 2,412 adults, of whom 271 self identified as gay or lesbian, found that gay adults are among the nation's most frequent blog readers and users of social networking sites. A majority (54%) of gay adults read blogs, up from 32% in 2006. Forty percent of heterosexual respondents reported reading blogs.

Most gay adults reported reading news and current issue blogs (36%), followed by entertainment and pop culture blogs (25%). Both of those figures are higher than for their heterosexual counterparts, of which 45% report reading news and current issue blogs and 16% entertainment and pop culture blogs.

TechCrunch article: A new national survey carried out by market research firm Harris Interactive suggests gay and lesbian adults online today are among the most loyal and most frequent blog readers and social network users in the United States.

And since I spend 24/7 glogging (gay blogging) and Gayfacebooking, I have less time to spend here. Actually, I have a day job and a personal life, both of which are more productive than copy-pasting links and stuff here. So don't expect frequent new glogs here.

And because yet another screencap of a blog on a blog about blogs is frackin' dumb, Here's a hot pic of an Iroquois Nation lacrosse player. They refuse to get US passports, because, of course, they are not US citizens, but Iroquois Nation citizens (and not, as far as I know, gay, but very cute).

Yahoo/AP article: "The Iroquois previously have traveled using passports issued by the Iroquois Confederacy. But the U.S. government says that, unlike U.S. passports, the Iroquois passports aren't acceptable under new, stricter immigration rules. The players won't accept U.S. government-issued documents because they see them as an attack on their identity."

And if you don't understand the cultural logic of that protest, you probably never Friended me or read this glog anyway.