Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What's more useless than a failed presidential candidate? The wife of a failed presidential candidate? His loudmouth daughter? Or a useless PR campaign of glossy photos glamorizing silence in the face of marriage equality that features said wife and daughter?

If you're wondering why gay marriage is floundering nationwide, the No H8 "campaign" is a prime example. At first I thought it was related to some actual fundraising group that did something (not that any of them did such a bang-up job anyway).

But then it became clear that it's just about Adam Bouska's career, and his need to turn his deep thoughts on marriage equality into a series of what seem to be shampoo ads. Fortunately, thousands of Z-list "celebrities" on dipwad reality shows and more than a few porn sluts made time in their "busy" schedules to show they like the gays! Whew! How revolutionary.

Their latest coup? Getting (probable) Cylon Cindy McCain and her stout daughter to seem to protest something, particularly the gay marriages their respective husband and father want banned, eliminated and outlawed.

Now that their political clout is below that of a traffic cop, they're being "bold" by getting their hair over-styled and putting some (no-doubt easily removable) duct tape over their maws.

As one anonymous person online succinctly typed:

"The No H8 campaign is am embarrassment. An orgy of narcissism, self-promotion and vacuous political symbolism. It's part of the reason Proposition 8 opponents were unable to defeat the bill: stupid Californians opted for the glamour of celebrity endorsements instead of building coalitions. As for the photographs, what's the point? How does an overlit, heavily airbrushed glamour shot with masking tape express the pain and disappointment of Prop 8? This wasn't a freedom of speech issue. The photos don't even express pain; everyone looks beautiful, boys show off their biceps and girls show off their cleavage. The message is: join our cause, it's like being a celebrity! It has all the substance of an American Apparel advertisement."

Thanks, Los Angelinos. You look so pretty while feigning a protest.

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