Friday, January 22, 2010

Crazy, for Beards, or The Tam Tam Club

I feel an obligation to share the utterly deranged perspective of Mr. Hak-Shing "Crazy" William Tam, the "hostile witness" in the Prop 8 trial. Tam claims that gays will eat your children, because he "read it on the internet."

That's the heart of the pro-Prop 8 defense, people. Right there, no matter how the Yes on H8 peeps wanna spin it. Tam's the freak who wanted to hide and cower after being a major cause for Prop 8, because somehow he thinks he'll be attacked by hordes of gay sex deviants. He's why we can't see the trial, and have to resort to staged recreations, drawings and file footage.

Crazy insane freak Tam makes the 12 Galaxies guy seem normal by comparison.

Oh, and the 2008 California election was fixed, according to this report, largely ignored by just about everyone.

But I really just want to share the glorious manliness of actor John Hamm, and his fantastically manly beard, seen at Sundance at the premiere of Howl. James Franco plays poet Allen Ginsberg. Hamm plays a lawyer, not Jack Kerouac, unfortunately. I don't even know who plays Kerouac. I just know that a recreation of the occasional sex between Ginsberg and Kerouac as portrayed by Franco and Hamm, after being viewed, would have turned millions of straight men gay.

In which case, then maybe this Tam guy would be proven right, in some odd way.

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