Monday, January 18, 2010

Scene, and Heard

"Right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant." — Martin Luther King Jr.

Justice should not be seen or heard, according to the fatfaced pigheaded reichwing bigots behind Prop 8 and their money-laundering corrupt Mormon demon leaders.

But moi, opinionated?

Don't take it from me. Enjoy the soon-to-be enacted transcripts of the Prop 8 Trial, produced by John Ireland.
Ireland produced and directed a short film entitled, Finding Family: Gay Adoption in the U.S., which profiled the patchwork of laws affecting gay and lesbian parents across the United States.

In 2008, after California voters passed Proposition 8, which reversed the state’s Supreme Court decision extending marriage equality to gays and lesbians, Ireland founded, a media education campaign to put real faces on the issue of marriage equality. The non-profit effort debuted its PSAs on broadcast television during President Obama’s inauguration in January 2009 and has put in excess of $300,000 worth of ads onto broadcast and cable television.

This is such a zeitgeist moment! Many people were already discussing this possibility, and Ireland stepped up.

So, we will get a dramatized version of that which far reichwing whores succeeded in getting the frackin' Supreme Court of the U.S. to agree should be censored.

Cable TV is littered with ridiculous court trials the likes of Judge Judy, with petty trash arguing about rent. Yet what has been called "the Scopes Monkey Trail of the 21st century" is censored by the very bastards who inflicted it upon California. It's just like a righwinger to throw a punch and then claim victimhood. "I'll be harassed if I'm on TV," whined the rightwingers.

No doubt the pig bigot Prop Haters will huff and puff to get the dramatized trial censored, too. Fortunately, there's no copyright on statements said in court. No doubt the hate-filled vampires will scream and yell about this, too. Frankly, I think they should all be played by finger puppets, with the hand played by Satan.

LA Weekly wonders if it will be picked up as a TV show. Pam's Houseblend offers comments.

It's astounding. I can't get through a holiday honoring a civil rights leader without seeing truckloads of injustice being done, and with glee and demonic zealotry, by the far rightwing whores.

For example, way over in Massachusetts, the NOMnuts are colluding with the teabaggers to sway the election of deceased Ted Kennedy's senate seat. NOMnuts have revved up their Robocalls of hatred.

The reichwing choice? A one-time Cosmopolitan nude model who claimed President Obama is a bastard.

Another example: Breakfast with Satan?

The freakfest never ends with the reichwing.

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