Friday, January 15, 2010

Phucked-up Phundy Phlips Out

Unrepentant lying scuzz bucket Pat Robertson had his flaks spit out a non-apology for his inane statements on-air, claiming that the earthquake destroyed Haiti because it "had a pact with Satan."

Yet they still won't deny that they think, as do other Christian NOMnuts, that "evil" begets disaster, as witnessed by other walking Jeebus-corpse cultists like dead Falwell, who blamed 9/11 on Tinky Winky. And gasbag Limbaugh said some predictably dumbass things, too.

As Haitians claw their way out fo the rubble, Dig in to the screechfest as deranged Robertson tries to claw his way out of having put both feet in his mouth.

It's amazing how swiftly reichwing stooges jump on top of a pile of dead people to spew their hate.

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