Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cruising Lautner

Twilight's wolf puppy Taylor Lautner is said to have inked a deal for $7.5 million to costar with Tom Cruise in Northern Lights, what critics call a tired pseudo-sequel to Top Gun. Lautner will play Cruise's son (snort).

This is said to be the highest paid U.S. teen actor (with barely any talent, other than a hot bod) fee in history. Lautner is already working on the action film Max Steele, based on... a toy (a few of which I own, but Hey, I saw them in a store in Italy and thought they were a uniquely Euro thing, plus he's hot for a toy).

Lautner was great in Lava Girl and Shark Boy, so hey, who knows? It might not suck.

Cruise is ... Well, I think Katie's contract is up, so he's gonna be available.

Frankly, I don't see the resemblance - to the toy or the Scientoligist.

Nevertheless, let the campy re-titling begin! (Cribbed from AV Club)

Top Gun 2: Werewolves on a Plane
Navy Day School
Northern Lights: Glitterwolf
Braddock: Top Gun 2
Top Gun and a Little Lady
Look Who's Top Gunning Too
Look Who's Docking, Too
Top Gun With A Vengeance
Top & Gun-er-er
Taylor Lautner and the Prisoner of Assgraban
Taylor Lautner and the Chamber of Secretions
Taylor Lautner and the Friendly Fellows
Another 48 Showers
Top Gun: Bare Man's Chest
Top Gun: Back to the Minors
Top Gun 2: The Secret of the Cruise
Top Gun 2: The Legend of Hubbard's Gold
Top Gun 2: Shirtless in the Stratosphere
Top Gun 2: Topper Gun
Top Gun 2: Werewolf in a Plane

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