Saturday, April 5, 2008

Your Gayest Look

I'm a week late on this, but here's the chronology:

1. Jay Leno's been telling stupid-ass gay jokes for years, while GLAAD and others give him an easy pass when he comes to their gala events.

2. Actor Ryan Phillippe was on his show. Jay mentioned his playing a gay character on a soap years back. Jay said, "Give me your gayest look." Phillippe had none of it, and told Leno to stop it.

3. Avenue Q creator Jeff Whitty, who had already made video responses to Leno's dumbassery, posts again, giving Leno the finger.

4. Melissa McEwen follows up, and they start My Gayest Look.

5. Hundreds of people post pics of themselves flipping the bird to Leno.

6. GLAAD wakes up and issues a lame-ass scolding press release. Leno issues lame-ass apology.

7. I finally caught up, sent a pic, but posted one here of Eric Levin, since he's so cute.

8. You take a picture of yourself and send it to My Gayest Look, giving Jay "your gayest look," complain to NBC execs (info, video of the show, on My Gayest Look) and join the blog-olution of people who've had it with BigChin's idiocy.

9. In a few months, Jay will make even more lame-ass gay jokes.

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