Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yes, I've fallen under the influence of the "Perverts Put Out" gang (actually I volunteered) and will be reading selected scenes - the sex scenes- from my third novel, Cyclizen (about a horny bike messenger suffering from post-activist ennui). At least, I'll read some of them, the best ones, maybe just the strange ones. Have I mentioned that there's a lot of sex in Cyclizen?

I haven't been part of a reading where people [pay money, so I figure I should make mine worth at least $3. I feel so cheap and valuable at the same time.

Also reading will be these illustrious talents: Kirk Read, Steven Schwartz, horehound stillpoint and Fran Varian.

Simon Sheppard and Dr. Carol Queen cohost Saturday, April 19, 7:30pm, at the Center for Sex and Culture, 1519 Mission St. at 11th. $10-$15.

[No, the comic book cover has nothing to do with this post.]

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