Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mixed Out

The Chron has a funny article about the death of the Mix Tape Age.

Yesterday, we had a block sale on my street, and we basically blocked all car traffic with a couple of lawn chairs. Twas cool. I got rid of some stuff. But the saddest are the tumbled pile of cassette tapes I haven't touched in years, sort of melting in the sun.

I still have my mix tapes, more than 100, with colorful labels that typify the mood of the tapes, or titles like Halloween 94, Lunge, Desert Air, etc.

I was discussing the technical hoohaw of converting these mixes onto disc or mp3s, etc., for a while, but nobody's mentioned a specific product that will do it. Any assistance appreciated. I hate shopping at Circuit City without knowing what I should get.

Anyway, it's incredibly sunny again. I'm going shopping for simpler things; vegetables.

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