Thursday, April 24, 2008

Have None of Gunrunning

Some people still don't get the breadth of China's damage on the world. Not only are they killing Tibetans and repressing their state, they're the world's worst polluter, and they sell guns to terrorist dictatorships, specifically Zimbabwe.

Athlete and activist Leigh-Ann Naidoo, one of the most inspirational people I met and interviewed at Gay Games VII, reminds us about a petition effort to at least make ourselves more aware, and bring a voice of protest to the continued genocide in Africa, supported by China.

Dockworkers in South Africa have blocked a Chinese arms boat from reaching Zimbabwe... but the crackdown continues. As the ship moves up the Southern African coast looking for a new port--and China weighs whether to recall the weapons--African unions, citizen groups, and church organizations are launching a campaign to stop arms from fueling the Zimbabwe crisis.

Avaaz is joining with them and a global coalition including Oxfam, Amnesty, and IANSA to build support throughout Africa and round the world. Stopping the arms is a concrete step leaders can take to help bring justice to Zimbabwe. Add your name below now--we hope to unveil the petition in Southern Africa before next week!

Update: Desmond Tutu has joined the call.

Sign up now.

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