Monday, January 28, 2008

Riley Skinner Skinned: QB Nude

So, I'm told this is the surest way to get a lot pf page hits; regurgitate frontal nude images of college football players (Oh, please, like I don't know. At the height of my previous website's popularity, the highest search term results for Sports Complex were "rugby players nude" Bob Paris nude" and "locker room sex." And you thought readers wanted to be more informed about the LGBT athletics community? Well, sort, but not really)

So here goes.
Riley Skinner naked! Whoo-hoo! College football quarterback nude! A hunk in a sport I could not care less about allegedly shows off his shortcomings on the Internets and tries to sell them! Surprise! Celebrity college jocks look pretty much just liek the thousands of other doofs who post nude pics of themselves or email them to people thinking they won't post them! Nude college jocks! Whee!

Go somewhere else to shop and compare. If you find the uncensored image, then we can talk.

Links to other blogs regurgitating this possibly faux-news: A, B, C, D. etc.

One thing for sure; hanging baseball caps on a wall as if they were fine art sure gets this pic a nomination in the Lurid Digs category; or perhaps the Banal Dorm Dudes Wing.


Scott-O-Rama said...

I posted the uncensored version on my site here:

Feel free to link to it.

Anonymous said...

Lol.. there isn't anything "short" about Riley.

Thanks, Scott. : )

Anonymous said...

OMG! Riley kinner is hung like a mule. Why do football players have the biggest dicks?

Anonymous said...

Str8 or gay a HOTTIE like this is eye candy for everyone. Aand for the "short comings" comment. It's flaccid so I would venture to say he's well above average