Friday, January 4, 2008

The Fame and Rain...

Okay, so Obama and the crazy snake-handler Hucksterbee got their respective party's endorsement in the bizarre process of caucuses in Iowa, which, last time it was explained to me, are similar to a peer pressure-filled meeting of a high school prom theme selection committee. You basically sit in a crowded school room and raise your hand. At least Diebold hasn't figured out how to fix that process - yet.

And here in SF, it rained - a lot. I passed no less than a dozen felled small tress and big branches on my sopping bike ride to work today. That's one time when the news was accurate. I was expecting a power outage, so I worked fast.

But what warmed my heart today was hearing that Elizabeth Montgomery got a posthumous Hollywood Walk of Fame star. I had just watched a few Netflixed episodes of Bewitched and have to agree. Anyone who could convincingly portray a woman more in love with Darrin #1 than being queen of the Witches deserves some form of accolade. I always adored her.

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