Monday, January 14, 2008


Take the good news when you can get it.

The B52s new CD will be out in a month.

The B-52’s are going from the “Love Shack” to the Funplex. The long-running Athens, Georgia foursome (which does indeed include Cindy Wilson once again) gave Rock Daily the lowdown on their first album of fresh material since 1992’s Good Stuff, which is coming out in February. “We thought, we’re gonna keep [touring], we’re gonna need some new songs for the show, we need to put a new album out there,” explains guitarist Keith Strickland. During a trip to Maui in 2003, he says, “This idea for the sound of the new album just popped into my head, and I felt that the sound and direction of the music would be right for us, so for the first time in years, I felt inspired enough to begin writing music for a new B-52’s album.”

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