Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Fourth Wall

In this week's Windy City Times:

Bailiwick's Fight to Stay Alive

In which the director of Bailiwick Repertory Theatre blames everything outside of his collapsing nonprofit for his company's massive financial deficit.

My play PINS was "produced" (I use that term lightly) there in summer 2006. I have yet to be paid anything, other than in bad reviews and the scars of having witnessed my fairly good drama turned into a sordid nightmare of theatrical incompetence.
(Imagery is from the 2002 premiere for New Conservatory Theatre Center, which I highly recommend to both playwrights and viewers).

Bailiwick's director claims "artists always get paid." Not this one.
Bitter much? You betcha. Suing much? Yup.
You can read my effusive quotes in the article.

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