Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Milk-y Way

I'm an extra in the Harvey Milk film. Woot! Guess I better hold off on the haircut (Check Sean Penn in the wig, above, as young Harvey).
I'll join hundreds as part of the night crowd scenes in the post-assassination march. No biggie. I have a day job, no time to hang out on a film set. It's boring, no matter how fab the actors and director are. But being in this film means something.

The BAR has the story. The SF article has more pics showing the groovy-zation of the Castro as they film Milk.

"I'm just thrilled I'm alive to see this happening," said Dan Nicoletta. Dan was one of Harvey's young, ahem, protegees. He also curated the first exhibit about Harvey at the GLBT Historical Society. The exhibit I curated followed. Danny expressed a desire to have a permanent exhibit of Harvey somewhere. Perhaps this film will be such an exhibit.

Pretty much all business owners were cooperative, except PO Plus.
"Paul Moffett, president of PO Plus, called an offer of $200 a day to remove his Castro Street store's signs offensive and unacceptable. He continued, "Look, I'm very supportive of the movie. But they can't tell me this isn't going to impact my business or that there'll be this big influx when the movie comes out. I can't even turn the lights on and pay my employees for $200 a day."

They're the store that charges 45 cents for a 41-cent stamp. That's the "Plus." I'm not lying. They charge extra on all postage; the gay tax! They'll just be CGI'd out of the shots, or if it's as low-budget as the producers claim, just avoided in shots.

Moffett is right about the low fee, though. My apartment was considered for the protagonist's home in the Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happyness. I would have made $500 a day to let them use only the entryways. Unfortunately, my home's exterior was ratty, but not ratty enough. At least my landlord later had the place painted.

More set and Sean-as-Harvey sneak peeks Here, (Here's Josh Brolin as Dan White), Here and Here.

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