Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wheels on Fire

Another friend is doing this year's AIDS Life/Cycle, but in a different way. I'll let Jim "Sparky" Rudolph tell you about it:

This will be my third year volunteering as a Roadie for the AIDS/LifeCycle in support of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. This particular event has triple significance to me. First, it is a huge accomplishment for both the Roadies and the Cyclists as we work together to enable as many cyclists as possible to bicycle all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I often say that it is the most challenging week of my year, and also the most rewarding.

Secondly, the SFAF either runs or supports many programs in San Francisco that provide either direct services to people affected by HIV and AIDS or lobby on their behalf. That's the local community effect.

Third, the SFAF's Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation works in communities around the world to help turn the tide of the AIDS pandemic. And believe me, that tide is still rolling in and its full effects are far from being known. That's the global impact.

As a roadie, I get to wake up at 4:00 AM and get into camp 14 hours later, after traveling; setting up and decorating a rest stop; getting into costume; entertaining, feeding and hydrating more than 2,000 cyclists; breaking down and cleaning up the rest stop; and driving to the next camp. As I said earlier, it's both challenging and rewarding.

Please help me make as great an impact as possible. Any donation is hugely needed, and I will give a T-Shirt showing your support of the AIDS/LifeCycle to my 10 highest donors over $100. Additionally, you can spread your donation over a period of months to make your life easier.

Sign up to support Sparky HERE.

Sparky is also a talented member of Temple of Poi, the Bay Area's amazing fire dance ensemble. They teach, perform, and make art out of fire and dance; pretty neat!

They're participating in Bay Area National Dance Week, which I'm highlighting in my Bay Area Reporter Out & About column this week.

Temple of Poi will be performing April 29 in downtown San Francisco's Union Square. This is a rare chance to see them free, live and in a fun city setting!

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