Saturday, April 7, 2007

Political Tantrums

Politics are getting ugly, ugly, ugly.

As the rightwing whines under its recent electoral defeat, and Cheney plays politics while accusing Dems of "playing politics," things are getting nasty all across the board.

Howard Dean told Bush to "grow up." Um, Howie, when has Chimpoleon ever not been acting like a petulant child?

Meanwhile, the guys at Buffalo Beast hate everyone! Well, they made a Top 50 list of the most hateful people. I agree with most of them.

I particularly disagree with their desired punishment for Mark Foley: "Castrated and forced to coach high school wrestling." Um, guys, he'd like both, no doubt. Talk about throwing Br'er Rabbit in the briar patch.

Of particular ire is their #1, John McCain:

McCain is as phony as slimeballs come, having reversed his positions on Roe v. Wade, Bush's tax cuts, the gay marriage amendment and Jerry Falwell in the last year alone, while the mainstream press looked away and whistled nonchalantly. Keeps changing the number of additional troops he thinks should be sent to Iraq, in hopes of extending the disaster beyond the next presidential election, so his decorated veteran status will still be relevant.

Exhibit A: (a quote from McCain): "I hated the gooks, and I will hate them for as long as I live."

A CBS correspondent was quoted as calling McCain's blather about Bagdhad being "safe" pure "rubbish."

Despite that being proven by the dozens of deaths that day, and days later, when the very people McCain spoke with during his Kevlar shopping trip were murdered, the media lapped up McCain's bullshit.

And across the pond, Tony Blair basically told Chimpoleon to "back off" about the captured/released British soldiers.

Chimpy and his insane cabal of war mongers think losing two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is a perfect reason to start another one in Iran.

And while the rightwinghers are still foaming at the mouth over Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria, she's telling them and Cheney to lay off the "tantrums."

Climate change is already destroying the planet, yet rightwingers still think Al Gore is a hoaxter just trying to sell a movie.

And locally, my city's mayor briefly joked about eating a microphone, and the rightwing reactionaries used a screencap to make it seem like he fellated the mic and the reporter.

It's really great to know the world is in such competent hands.

Now if only Bjork were queen of the world, things'd be a little more fun. Her new song, "Earth Intruders" makes some comments about the state of the planet.

Even when she sings in gibberish, it makes more sense than most politicians.

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