Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Psycho Killer, Qu’est-ce Que?

Well, this is just disgusting.

As you probably know by now, the Virginia Tech mass murderer, whose name I refuse to type ever again, sent a "media kit" to NBC between murder sprees. Now NBC, which is owned by military contractor GE, is aiding and abetting in spreading the insane ramblings of a deranged mass killer.

What an idiot; sending his freaktastic ramblings to a corrupt media conglomorate as a protest of "rich people."

The psychotic freak was institutionalized, declared mentally unstable, was documented as stalking two women on campus, and still VT officials did nothing.

This is friggin' sad. so many preventiative measures were ignored.

I prefer to remember the bravery of the victims, one man in particular, professor Liviu Librescu, 76, who survived the goddamn Nazi holocaust, only to die protecting his students.

These were bright young and older people, teachers and eager learning young adults, and the sick twisted spewings of a deranged twit are now overshadowing the lives he destroyed.

"Reema Samaha, a freshman who performed with the school's Contemporary Dance Ensemble, was shot dead in French class.

Juan Ramon Ortiz, from Puerto Rico, decorated his parents’ one-story concrete house each Christmas. A neighbor heard Ortiz’s mother scream when she learned of her son’s death."

How are these "guilty rich white people," in the poisoned eyes of this murderer?

Nearly 200 people were killed today in Iraq bombings. I'm typing this while watching a frightening documentary about the March 11, 2004 Madrid bombings on PBS.

How much longer are people going to pretend that terror can't come from within our borders, and that inspiring more violence overseas doesn't do anything to help?

This is a good time to utilize AdBusters' TV TurnOff Week. I'd participate as much as I can, but working in media, one can't help but watch, fascinated, as the media feasts on the horror.


Thursday update: It looks like most people feel the same way, most importantly, victims' families, who cancelled NBC talk show appearances after NBC/GE feasted on the psychopath's homemade media, not that all others didn't use it, too.

"'It has value as breaking news," said ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider, "but then becomes practically pornographic as it is just repeated ad nauseam.'"

This from the network that aired the preposterously lie-filled, far-rightwing-produced Path to 9/11.

Oh, well; at least the psycho didn't send his crap to Fox News. They'd be showing it from now until the end of time.

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