Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Adam's Rib

One of the themes I touch upon in my third novel, Cyclizen (out in May) is how damn sexy protesting was, especially with hunky guys and powerful women who gave a damn.

That's still taking place, even in the pathetic testimony given by US Attorney General Gonzales. While he continued to mutter more than 70 times what he didn't "recall," Iraq War veteran Adam Kokesh kept score, raising a tally sheet aloft with his impressively muscular arms. Hello!

Of course, his soulfully serious -and gorgeous- face contrasts the ugly truth of Busho, which is just a pack of lying shitbags.

Chimpoleon said he had the highest support for Gone-zo, which of course, is the same rhetoric he spewed for ousted quitters Colin Powell, Harriet Meiers, Donald Rumsfeld and FEMA's "Brownie" - gee, nobody can even remember his name anymore.

Fortunately, Kokesh's hunkitude upstaged the mendacious Gone-zo so deftly that the point was clear. Even veterans of the current war are against it, and the attorney firings by Gone-zo's offices are just part and parcel of the sinking slimey GOP pile of dung.

Adam was protesting with Code Pink, which also has a nice close-up of him

The blogosphere caught up with Adam at Wonkette.

Says Kokesh:
“The real reason I was there (the main reason I hate Gonzales) is because torture policy is bad for US troops. (It’s also morally reprehensible.) When I was in Fallujah, (Feb-Sep 2004) I was running a checkpoint at a civil affairs facility when the Abu Ghraib story broke, but I still had to go out the next day and face crowds of Iraqi civilians. I also had to hear the reports of Marines dying around the city because of the angst that was a direct result of that.”

The NY Times reported on it, too, with a pic of other protestors.

More from hunkalicious and right-on Adam HERE.

Read his personal accounts here.

THIS is the face of a true patriot.

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