Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wheeled Wonders

A little less politics, a little more cycling today.

A good friend of mine, Seth Eisen (pictured) is doing this year's AIDS Life/Cylce. He's been training and riding hundreds of miles.

Please sponsor Seth in any amount you can afford.

In other cycling news, here's one of my chosen events for this week's Bay Area Reporter Out & About events:

Wanderlust Bike Tour Benefit @ Good Vibrations
Send-off party and fundraiser for Center for Sex & Culture
associate Nora Dye's cross-country sex-positive cycling road trip exploring
reproductive rights and other issues across the nation. 6pm.
1620 Polk St btw. Sacramento and Clay. 345-0400.

Definitely check out her blog. She'll be posting whenever possible along her route!

Okay, a little politics:

Join the SF Bike Coalition as they push for car-free Saturdays in Golden Gate Park. SFBC also has lots of events for cyclists. If you haven't joined, do so!

Okay, just a tad of freudenshade politics; Karl Rove pelted by college students. Maybe they didn't like his rap singing.

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