Friday, February 22, 2008

Wonder(ful) Con

Not only did I pick the gay comic artists reading at Three Dollar Bill Cafe and related gay events at WonderCon this weekend in the BAR as my pick of the week, but the SF Chronicle did a feature article. Despite the flurry of nasty comments about gays, gay comics and the inclusion of the subject in the paper's comments section, no doubt the reading will be packed! Get there early.

Last year's Wonder-Con (at the Moscone Center) was quite fun; lots of panels and screenings (all the lines were way too long, so I skipped those. This weekend's includes David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and X- Files creator Chris Carter), plus I got a lot of cool T-shirts (my favorite of A SURLY Adam Baldwin as Jane in Firefly, with the text PUBLIC RELATIONS). Not sure if I'll attend the costume contest, but I've heard it's fun.

I've always enjoyed comic books with a gay or homoerotic edge, although I've curtailed collecting them. I've run out of bookshelf space!

Then Sunday, even though I have yet to see any of the Best Picture nominations, I'll be attending the Academy of Friends gala; always a fun time. Coverage here in the BAR. Still trying to convince my pal to stay late to see Taylor Dayne sing.

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