Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Votey oh, D'oh!

Three judges have been arguing over the problem of 14 precincts in the Bay Area that ran out of ballots!

Some of the folks have been asked to use photocopied ballots. What the...? News reports blame it on the independent and undeclared voters who have to vote in the Democratic primary to vote for anyone at all. BTW, Mrs. Clinton won California.

Creepy enough that snake handler Cluckabee won a few states. Still, it's nice to see the fundy rightwingers helping to break the GOP into pieces.

I don't have any experience with these crowded voting stations. The middle school up the street is always an empty auditorium when I vote. Thank goodness it's still old-fashioned paper ballots, and not corrupt Diebold "electronic" (i.e. fraudable) voting.

Well, at least it's not as bad as in the days when ballots were discovered having been dumped into the Bay, or the time when Boy Scouts were used by conservative candidates to dump ballots in liberal and Black areas.

Oh, and guess what; popular vote doesn't count, once again. It's about delegates, the back room deals made with a few thousand individuals; just like the nefarious Electoral College.

The funniest BS: Romney's campaign stole Obama's signage for CHANGE, using even the same font. Romney; he's like the boss you always hated.

Free elections; what fun!

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