Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Comic Call

Geek fest as it was, the annual Wonder-con, held at the Moscone Center last weekend, was fun, and I accomplished my goal; to get a few more Firefly T-shirts with hunky Adam Baldwin as Jayne.

That quest led me to the booth where Firefly stuff was being sold. I was cajoled into donating a few bucks to participate in the Bingo game.

Basically, you have take a picture of a number of things and people (Stormtroopers, a celebrity autograph, a #17 of any comic, etc) with the little monster finger puppet (see photos). Then you're in a drawing for a prize.
I had enough for two bingos, but stopped after one, as I was a bit exhausted from the scavenger hunt.
I missed the celeb panels but did get to stop by the gay booth, run by Prism Comics.
See if you can guess who the celebs are, and the creatures.
Oh, and if anyone has that Superman's phone number, mm, baby!

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