Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Rasslin' Rockettes?

My first contact with a wrestling mat was when I was a dance major at Ohio State back in the 80s. I'd snuck onto the mat with a fellow dance student, who had wrestled in high school. We were practicing wrestling moves to incorporate into a dance. I later snuck into the practice room a few more times, and met an OSU wrestler. And then...

Well, this post is not about that. This year's crop of grapplers decided to have a student athlete talent show to raise funds for Columbus charities. A student got it all on tape:

Then the boys got on a local TV show; it's shorter, but you can see the studs up close. I particularly fancy the Italian grappler in the bitch-cut Daisy Dukes. He looks very hetero-flexible.

This reminds me of the high school talent shows in Ashland. No matter how good another singing or dancing act was, nobody could follow the annual "jocks in drag dancing funny" act that was a regular part of the show.

This also reminds me of a joke I shared with a friend, that decades from now, after the rights to my first novel go into public domain, some queen is gonna write PINS, the rock musical. (Shudder). It might look something like the above videos.

For more about the Buckeye Wrestling Team, check out their website, with links to pics and videos. WARNING, very loud circuity music loads (a tad gay, eh?)

And yes, world famous stud Tommy Rowlands is featured there, albeit in a few edited versions of the hot pics that swept through erotic sports galleries worldwide. And unfortunately, Tommy did not shake his groove thang with the group.

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