Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Anti-anti-gay gay

Maryland's State Board of Education voted to add gay-inclusive sex education to lessons to Montgomery County’s program.

"Two lessons, totaling 90 minutes, will be added to health courses in grades eight and 10 in the fall, along with a 10th-grade lesson and instructional DVD on the correct use of a condom.

The curriculum revisions, while short, place Montgomery in the forefront of a movement toward more candor in teaching about homosexuality in public schools."

Welcome to the 20th century, even though it's the 21st.

What's Smatter?
And down in Miami, Florida, mayoral candidate Bill Smatt is running on a single-issue platform; gay-hating.

Smatt's fundie-hate campaign starts in his front yard, where a sloppy banner reads the old alleged Donna Summer quote about "Adam and Steve."

"I promise you, when I become mayor, we’re going to clean up all this funny business going on down there," he's quoted as ranting. "I am bringing back Miami Beach for the families."

Nothing like Haggard clichés to get the campaign rolling. Unfortunately, Smatt is breaking the law with his oversize banner, and merely breaking decorum by being such a doof. Thanks to free speech, voters will know what a nutjob he is.

Law & Order

A failed lawyer blames "the gays" for his problems. He refused to answer a question about gay marriage. Well, that'll fix them!

Hex Gays
Michale Glatze, a sourpuss former gay editor of a failing gay mag h has turned ex-gay, just like that, poof! because he "had a conversation with God."
Look for him to get a hog's share of PR as he trashes a "lifestyle" he couldn't handle, or cover in his little magazine. Buh-bye.

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