Thursday, July 19, 2007

Paying it Forward

Thanks to Steve and guys at A Different Light Bookstore for hosting my first bookstore reading for Cyclizen!

Let me get a tad Page Six with the wrap-up (I forgot to take pics, so author's books are shown). About 30 people showed up, or happened to stop in and listen as I read passages from the first few chapters, then blabbed about the writing/production process. We sold out of books, so you'll have to wait a week or so to buy a copy there. You can also go to Books Inc, or online (see sidebar).

Several pals and a few writers friends were there, including Kevin Bentley (memoirist and editor of AfterWords - which I'm in- and Boyfriend From Hell and other anthologies), Lucy Jane Bledsoe (fiction and adventure author, whose quote about bicycles in her novel Working Parts I use in Cyclizen.

Other folks included Jim Rudolph (poi [fire dance] wiz and LifeCycle veteran), Seth Eisen (performer, visual artist and longtime pal), groovy dude Benjamin Patterson, visual artist Tofu, Rick Gerharter (photographer extraordinaire), and Carl Stein (organizer of Gay Days at SF Giants baseball games).

From SF Track and Field's stellar jocks, David Serrano, Bob Callori and his partner Chris Goodwin came by; they all racked up medals at the July 7 Pride Meet in various events.

Pals Stephen LeBlanc, Cayenne and a few other guys went to dinner at that new Thai place up Castro St. The fried rice with pineapple and shrimp was delish!

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