Sunday, July 15, 2007


See the picture above? Looks fun, right? Cyclecide, billing itself as a bike rodeo full of fun, seemed like a good idea. so much so that I recommended it in my BAR Out & About listings last week.

Boy, was I wrong.
What seemed like what was going to be a wheely good time, a sort of county fair with bikes and hipsters, turned out to be nothing but a dirty little junk yard crammed with 50 people just standing around. It would have been fun if this were, say, a private party, which is what it felt like to me and a pal who'd ridden our bikes all the way out to bumfuque warehouseville where the event was staged.

Making a space for "alternative culture" is fine, cool, in fact. But charging $10-$20 for shoving a bunch of poseurs dressed up like a motorcycle gang musical into a cramped back lot with no room, and nothing to do but stare at a no-talent band or ride on a tiny merry-go-round isn't cool, or alternative, or unusual. It's just dumb.

To make up for my lost few hours, I stickered every bike rack along Hipster Row, aka Valencia St., where more people rode bikes and seemed to be enjoying themselves than at the Cyclecide "event."
Live and learn; at least I got a nice ride out of my Sunday.

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