Thursday, February 11, 2010

Protest Inc. - Protest ink

One upon a time, before focus groups, before private cabalistic groupings, before the ill-timed push for gay marriage, people just protested. They got together and stood on the streets and protested. Maybe it did good, maybe it didn't. Things don't always go the way they're originally drawn.

Take the "new" LGBT political activism. It's an email with a link that usually reads DONATE. But to which one? The one wanting to repeal Prop 8? The ones who bleated for a March on Washington, whose presence vaporized the day after?

Apparently, the powerful folks making the decisions about who gets the most attention in this fractured movement had a little not-secret yet invite-only think tank to decide our fate, er, gay activism's fate.

Is tomorrow's marriage equality protest the latest product of this "Activist" group? Who knows? We're just waiting to be told where to flashmob.

Meanwhile, without approval of focus groups or polls, a single man performed a random straight marriage as a protest to inequality and U.S. anti-gay marriage laws. Then, elsewhere, a lesbian spontaneously did it, too.

Gay activists in Notre Dame didn't need a think tank to decide what to do.

And while gays and "homosexuals" are getting defamed, derided, and denied at all levels of our culture, the far rightwing fake Tea Party - which is nothing more than a cabal of underlings of the far fringe right and their paid-off politicos, who are whores of the pharmaceutical and health insurance lobby - is rabidly mad at a comic book.

Yes, the group which has less strength than a leaky cup of Sanka, whose own group has already splintered between arguing factions, complained to Marvel Comics about a Captain America comic which includes ACTUAL IMAGES of Teabagger protests in the art work.

That's why the rightwingers got so upset they forced a major media empire to apologize. Not a parody, but actual signs were used in the fictional portrayal -accurate, if you ask me- that some in the group are white supremacist racists.

So, while lefty gays get Protest, Inc., a private cabal to evolve and dictate where we go, the far rightwing chooses to Protest Ink and the publishing policies of a superhero. It seems Captain Marvel can stand up to the entire Nazi Party, but not foaming-at-the-mouth U.S. rightwing fringies.

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