Thursday, February 4, 2010

Illustrated men

Dale Lazarov, the Chicago-based writer of several popular gay erotic comic books, will discuss his sexy new book, Nightlife, at Books Inc. on February 11 at 7:30pm.

We talked on the phone recently, and Lazarov explained his collaborative work with several acclaimed comic artists, including Bastien Jonsson, whose sexy illustrations comprise the visuals of Nightlife.

Lazarov's appearance will include a question and answer session and book signing. He won't be reading from his comic books, since they don't contain dialogue. "I suppose if I were to read, I would have to mime the comics," he mused.

Lazarov is best known as the writer/editor of Sticky (in collaboration with illustrator Steve MacIsaac) and Manly (in collaboration with Amy Colburn), both published by Bruno Gmuender Verlag. He's also the writer/editor of Fancy, a gay erotic web comic drawn by Delic Van Loond and published weekly at Other projects include work with Foxy Andy on Chums, Theo Bain on Greek Love, and Mioki on Power Pop Boys.

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