Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wakey Quakey

San Francisco loves its anniversaries; murders, celebrations, assassinations, and of course earthquakes.

It's no less fascinating to recall the fright and fear of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, because thanks to pro baseball, the quake was televised live.

SF Gate's coverage should provide enough lurid memories of panic and disaster to distract you from the idiocy that was Balloon Boy.

Apparently, there was a citywide earthquake drill late this week. Missed it. Well, I don't need practice screaming, giggling, and ducking under my desk.

Should "the big one" happen while I'm at home, my apartment has scars along a few walls from the '89 quake. So i know where it'll rip next time. Maybe.

It's surprising how many people aren't prepared for an earthquake. I have some bottled water that's been sitting under my sink for a few years. Probably stinks by now. Flashlights? Canned food? Good shoes? Turn off the gas? So much to recall while your home is shaking.

The journalist in me would just hope i have a camera and tape recorder with the batteries charged.

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