Saturday, October 3, 2009

Game Face

Chicago's loss is Cleveland's gain.
Congratulations to the Cleveland team for winning the bid to host Gay Games IX in 2014.

Obama's the laughing stock of Rethugs, who cackle with glee at the failure of a billion-dollar stimulus, and perhaps a last chance for America to redeem itself in the eyes of the world.

But no, The Rethugs are actually happy that the U.S. didn't win.

You can't say the gay sports world didn't show them how to win back in 2006.
Gay Games XI basically paved an exemplary bid plan for the city, as Mayor said at the time.

Ah, well. The Olympic process is based on bribes, so what do expect? We're broke.

But only a few hundred miles southeast of Chicago, once again, the heartland welcomes us. Yes, with the late promise of municipal cash. But really, it's the smartest gay political move in years. Show ourselves, competing, being us, in the middle of conservative America.

"We are extremely honoured and pleased that Cleveland has been selected to host the 2014 Gay Games," said W. Doug Anderson, spokesperson for Cleveland Synergy Foundation, the bidding organization. "It is truly a privilege to continue Dr. Tom Waddell's legacy and vision in our city -- an extremely enthusiastic sports town - where the guiding principles of personal best, inclusion and participation are held dear."

Read more at:"

(See also, great summation by Itay Hod at despite the fact that the only image is of a flag dancer, not any athletes.)

Some people may have thought we should invite visitors to our more cosmopolitan cities, Boston and DC being the other bidders.

And it certainly would have been wonderful, efficient, celebratory, like any other big convention, seen, done while the people who need to see us -to change their ways- are all home for the weekend.

Whatever you do, when you come to compete, get a rental car if you want to see the cheese barns, the bucolic fields, the Amish, and whatever's left of that beautiful bland wonderful boring state's individuality. It does have its charm.

Maybe they can get former Ohioan Chrissie Hynde to perform at the stadium.
WMMS should sponsor it.

Oh, and you might want to add a rodeo.
I know, animal rights, etc. Not in the bid, etc.
Maybe just a horse show of some kind.

But it wouldn't hurt if, say, some rodeo producers held one in Stow, or Galion, or some small town - like Buffalo Bill held his Wild West show near, but not officially part of, the Chicago World's Fair.

Ohioans like their horses and their cowboys. And their cheese barns.

Maybe an optional tractor pull.

(photos, except skyline: Jim Provenzano)

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