Wednesday, July 9, 2008


In which we explore the difference between public performance as political act, civil disobedience, horrendous prank, or banal hypocritical ritual:

Marion Librarian
At a July 7th town hall meeting in Denver, 61-year-old Carol Kreck brought a "McCain=Bush" sign with her to the event, an attempt to point out the many perceived similarities between McCain and current President George W. Bush.

She was promptly ejected at the 'request of the secret service.' She was also ticketed for trespassing. The astute Kreck points out, "Why would Republicans who voted for Bush find it offensive that a sign says 'Bush equals McCain' or 'McCain equals Bush?' Why is that offensive?"

Wrap It Up
Peter Staley recounts the historic 1991 TAG demo/art/propaganda event of covering Jesse Helms' house with a giant condom. Those were the days!

Flagging Behind
North Carolina employee refuses to fly a U.S. flag at half-mast for dead pig bigot Jesse Helms; quits.

Cagey Mismatch
Sasha Baron Cohen stages a fake cage match that becomes a homoerotic smoochfest, with hundreds of hicks hurling insults and beer cups.

Now, which of these events are/were political theatre, justified actions, or just plain pranks?

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