Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Friends & Associates

My hunky Cyclizen book cover model Patricio is on the flyer for the Trannyshack Kiss-off Party next month. You must go see the end of a drag era.

* My former OutWeek editor Mike Signorile has a popular radio show. Recently, a caller implied that dead pig bigot Jesse Helms was a crossdresser.

* Elizabeth Dole might make a better drag king than an eloquent politicians. The old Rethuglican hag wants to rename an AIDS funding bill after alleged ugly drag queen Jesse Helms. Rethugs sure have a bitter appreciation of irony. JoeMyGod rails on appropriately.

UPDATE: HIV Travel Ban Lifted as AIDS funding bill is approved. Dole's cynical attempt to name it after gay-hater and barrier to AIDS prevention funding -pig bigot Jesse Helms- fails.

* Prop 8 backers (the "we hate gay marriage 4ever cabal) hate each other so much that they're splitting up!

* Back when I was writing my much-read 8-part series on the California AIDS Rides, PR firm Bragman, Nyman & Cafarelli basically obstructed, colluded and prevented me from getting any quotes from AIDS Ride flacks, including the elusive Dan Pallotta.

Well, the CAR is dead of its own bloated corruption, replaced by AIDS rides organized from within nonprofits.

But Howard Bragman, who's gay, of its PR firm continues to occasionally hype ...questionable clients, like Al Reynolds, Star Jones' allegedly not-gay ex-hubbie.

Oh, and ousted Grey's Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington is another of his clients. He's the one who allegedly called costar T.R. Knight a faggot, etc.

Outsports has a buttkissing piece on Bragman somewhere on their cluttered site. Yada yada. I'm bored.

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