Monday, May 12, 2008

Scott's Hot

Unlike certain other celebs who showed off their cycling as a PR stunt, the irrepressibly normal Scott Speedman not only rides around Los Angeles (okay, maybe that's not normal), but he does it in normal (i.e. non-spandex) clothes.

In a perfect world, he'd be my perfectly normal gay boyfriend who's also a movie actor.

SCENE: Int. Kitchen, afternoon, LA home, sparsely furnished yet elegant.

ME: Hi, honey. (smooch). How was your bike ride from the studio?

SCOTT: Fine. They actually have some new bike lanes on Melrose.

ME: That's cool (Smooch again). So, how did the meeting go?

SCOTT: That depends. (Peels off sweaty normal bike clothes) Do you want us to have a lot more money and do you want me to be a vampire-werewolf again?

ME: Yes and yes.

SCOTT: Well then, get ready for a trip to Romania, because I'm doing Underworld III.

ME: Hooray! (more smooches, followed by a mad love scene in the shower.)


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