Friday, May 23, 2008

He's a bust! the Hall of Fame

Harvey Milk finally got busted at City Hall.
This is after years of work by the committee of folks who fundraised and organized and found ways around municipal bureaucracy.

At the unveiling ceremony, the rotunda was packed with every notable LGB and T in town. All the elected officials, the hunky Mayor, gleaming from his proven-right decision to preempt legality and grant gay marriages back in 2004.

A duet with lyrics from one of Harvey's speeches, "Give 'Em Hope" composed by pal Adam Sandel, the SF Gay Men's Chorus, a parade of local drag and leather folk, gay poetess Jewelle Gomez and Cecilaa Chung (one of the suing couples in the CA Supreme Court decision), and many more. Examiner story here. BAR article about Harvey's columns here.

SF Weekly, which previously ran an article trashing the costs of the memorial bust, and ran a blathering un-edited feature on what a nice misunderstood guy Dan White was -published while the Milk movie was filming in SF- got (sloppy) pics on their blog, as well as a pic of the totally annoying stoned queen down front who kept flapping a pair of costume wings.

Sometimes it is a bit like Oz here in SF, or perhaps just Munchkinland. Connie Champagne did sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Joey Cain's self-reference as the "Wicked Witch of the West" and calling Dan Nicoletta "Glinda" were perhaps not exact. I mean, Joey had presidented Pride for years, and without an army of flying monkeys. And Danny doesn't exactly ride around in a bubble, but he is sweet.

But people from all ends of Oz came to honor Harvey, from his nephew to Harvey's lover's mom -88 years old!- to all his surviving friends, even Milk screenwriter Shane Black.

It was a pity the inane drunken queens in the hallway couldn't even shut up during the tape of Harvey's last speech. Some queens have no clue.

Otherwise, a fine evening, even if I did miss the Ugly Betty season finale.

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