Thursday, May 15, 2008

Big Wheels

...keep on turning.

I just formatted my paper's gay marriage ruling news article. Wait, four more articles. Go to the front page. Good news. California's Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage. Bad news: I don't have a husband to celebrate with.

Good news: It's hot. Bad news. People in China and Myanmar are dying by the thousands.

Good news: Edwards endorses Obama. Bad news: McCain may pair up with tent-revivalist Huckabee.

Ridiculous news: Chimpoleon said he gave up golf for "the war effort." Predictable follow-up: he lied.

Good news: It's Bike to Work Day. Bad News: Car congestion is worse than ever.

Go to the Bike After Work party.

I'm going to see Ilkhom Theatre at YBCA.

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