Friday, May 9, 2008

Gay's Anatomy

or, "I Love My Dead Gay Soldier," part XVII.

In which, in between Ugly Betty and Lost, that other show Grey's Anatomy, featured a gay kiss between soldiers, played by hunkalacious Benny Ciaramello (Friday Night Lights' Santiago) and MTV Road Rules' alum David Giuntoli.

I watch Grey's Anatomy regularly, just because it's in between my other two favorite shows (not because I think the cast is cute or that I have any preference for self-absorbed heterosexual characters who obsess about each other on the job 24/7, especially while operating on people; no wonder so many characters die on that show! "Like a Virgin, hey! touched for the very first time...")

Anywhose, so the gay soldier (one with a brain tumor; how romantic) pops up, and from the first shot of the guy, I thought "Don't Ask Don't Tell" subplot! Whoo Hoo!

And wouldn't you know it, the doe-eyed love interest in uniform enters the doe-eyed tumor hunk's hospital room. Grey, our trusty unreliable narrator, voyeurs up their liplock, and blam, here comes another GLAAD nomination.

Or something. I went on a rant trying to find the names of the familiar hunky actors, because I do that sort of thing, and after even finding a link of the entire episode online with the opening cast credits (Ha! the hunks are both Italian; knew it), I see that both Logo's NowNextNew, excuse me, NewNowNext had the guys mentioned in an advance; that the ubiquitous Towleroad also had it. If you look under his Military category, you'll also find a lengthy interview with the gay Navy guy (who doesn't die tragically) from the compelling PBS documentary series Carrier.

And today, JoeMyGod's got a clip, and the internets are short-term cwazy about the latest on-TV-Screen liplock between hunky actors who are comfy playing gay, because we mo's go all atwitter over such scenes. And we Download Them, too!

Well, we do.

Here's an edited version of just the soldiers' scenes:

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