Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Uniquely Unique

Under the sea, in Brazil, and in Indonesia, some entirely new species have been discovered. Frogs, leopards, fish and even a furry lobster have been given new categories by scientists. so, perhaps, for every dozen species that go extinct due to human encroachment, a new odd one is born.

Perhaps. I've been thinking about the unique aspects of my book, and why it befuddles many, why cyclists seem to be sniffing at it like some gay purple frog (the Atelopus frog was found in the Nassau Mountains in eastern Suriname. It was one of 24 new species of wildlife discovered by scientists in the remote plateaus north of Brazil.), and why after sending 15 review copies I haven't gotten one published review.

"PR, sweetie!" said a local accomplished publicist, when I was kvetching at the Litquake opening night reception at Herbst Theatre's Green Room. Well, yes, one needs a bit of hype, not that I ever expect to be as popular as authors, even gay ones, whose themes are so wide and unspecific, it's almost as if they were written by a focus group.

The reading last Saturday at one of the many Litquake "Lit Crawl" events - mine at Revolution Cafe - went well. The other authors did their thing amid the dim lighting, faulty microphone, and large crowd. The open air cafe was packed! I really should have brought my camera.

But the unique gay/bike messenger/activist/centaur themes in Cyclizen seem to have rung a bell at least for those who know a little about the topic. Unfortunately that's a small group.

Anyway, I'll be reading at Books Inc. tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 18, at 7:30pm. 2275 Market St. at Noe. It'll no doubt be another small group, but if they're interested, I'll be interesting.

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