Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sashay? Passé

The New York Times pontificates on the de-trendification of gayborhoods, in the context that Halloween in the Castro has been cancelled.

“The Castro, and to a lesser extent the West Village, was where you went to express yourself,” said Don F. Reuter, a New York author who is researching a book on the rise and fall of gay neighborhoods, or “gayborhoods.”

“Claiming physical territory was a powerful act,” Mr. Reuter said. “But the gay neighborhood is becoming a past-tense idea.”

There's nothing less amusing than being deconstructed by scholars hyping a book.

I'll post pics of Halloween and stuff on the Gay Games gala soon. I'm busy "reconstructing" myself.

Oh, and if you're gay and still thinking of voting for Barack Obama, you're an idiot. That is, unless you want to "pray the gay away."

If you're voting for Dennis Kucinich out of principle, you may not be crazy, but Dennis is outspoken enough to say he thinks Chimpoleon is.

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