Thursday, October 11, 2007


ENDArama continues unabated. Our allies are infighting, and the trans-inclusivity so taken for granted in our acronym world is suffering a lot of haggle and draggle.

Check late news articles with Barney Frank and Speaker Nancy Pelosi on

The LGBT Center just called for some bodies for a Friday noon protest, er, rally:

Press Conference and Rally
TOMORROW--Friday, October 12, 12pm
San Francisco City Hall

Dear Community Member,

Happy National Coming Out Day! It is appropriate that this year, we find ourselves coming out for equal rights for all members of our community. Tomorrow, a broad coalition of community leaders will be hosting a press conference and rally at City Hall. A united San Francisco will call on congress to move a gender identity-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act forward. We need YOU to be there.

Speaker Pelosi and our Democratic leadership have shown commitment to issues important to the LGBT community, such as passage of the recent hate crimes bill that included both gender identity and sexual orientation. We need them to show that same commitment to supporting a comprehensive ENDA. No one deserves to lose their job because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Now, she and other members of congress need to hear from you.

• Attend tomorrow’s press conference and rally.
• Contact your elected official today. We’ve made it easy for you. You can stop by the Center’s lobby today and tomorrow and visit our ENDA action spot. We have a phone ready for you to use and talking points to help you focus your message. Or call 202.224.3121 to speak to your representative in Washington.
• Volunteer to help us keep ENDA inclusive of gender identity.

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