Friday, October 26, 2007

Speaking Up

This morning I spoke to the assembly of the Federation of Gay Games about the organization and impact of Sporting Life, the exhibit I curated in 2005 for the GLBT Historical Society.

I had about ten minutes to speak, then noticed stalwart FGG board member Gene Dermody doing the screen computer tech stuff, asked him to go online, since I'd forgotten to bring visuals, or ask if there was multimedia, and voila! the FGG got to see the Sporting Life trailer, and the photo gallery as I talked.

I hope they can find the time and people to make another exhibit someday.

There's also a new exhibit, Games That Change the World, focusing on the Gay Games at the Hormel Center in the SF Public Library. That's comprised of SFPL archival material. I think a multimedia touring exhibit would be cool.

So, on the way back, in my semi-dressy clothes, riding my bike, which had a stuck brake and a broken spoke, I stopped by Mike's Bikes and got it repaired - in an hour. Pretty amazing. New brakes and tune-up for $60, including SF Bike Coalition discount.

I usually go to Box Dog Bikes on 14th & Guererro, which is cheaper but a bit slower, but it was "do it now" time, and I was happy to splurge.

Part of the FGG's events this weekend include their big dinner gala ceremony Saturday, and whoopee, I'm getting an award! For the ten years of Sports Complex, but mostly for the exhibit. Former Olympic swimmer Bruce Hayes will introduce me. Whoo hoo!

So, I went and bought new shoes and a tie. I really needed new dress shoes (Shoe Pavillion, right across the street). The tie, not so much. But it was a Kenneth Cole for only $12! Splurge time again.

Back to work, finishing up calendar, emailing myself MapQuest plans for tomorrow, which is all over the Embarcadero. After the dinner, it's off with a few pals to the GusPresents "Gladiator Orgy" costume party. Let's hope our costumes' fabric glue doesn't melt from the heat of all the muscle Marys!

Oh, and in other news, Zach Puchtel, a former college basketball player, came out - as sort of bisexual. How nice for him!

Even though it's a big deal - only the 2nd major B-ball guy to come out - I'm glad I don't write sports any more, just because I'd be obligated to cover this guy's wishy-washy not exactly coming out. But he seems nice. Here's his blog.

Critical Mass today, 6pm; the Halloween edition.

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