Monday, September 17, 2007

Shocking News

Andrew Meyer, a University of Florida student was violently assaulted and tasered by rent-a-cops at the University of Florida at a tepidly attended speech given by Democratic Conceder-in-Chief John Kerry.

Here's the disturbing video.

The idiot fake cops "arrested" him for 'inciting to riot.'

Meyer asked three questions.

Why did Kerry so quickly concede the 2004 elections, when it was known on election day that there massive problems? Why didn't he contest the results? And was he a member of Skull and Bones in college, the secret society of rich white power males? Did he actually want to become president?

Wait, that's four questions. But, why was Meyer handcuffed, tased, and dragged away?

For asking the questions millions of people long ago figured out the answer to; that Kerry's secret cabalistic membership in Skull and Bones may have had as much to do with him "losing" the election as the massive second round of election fraud in the presidential elections.

You can read the many comments on that incident in the comments; the guy was misbehaving, out of order, yada yada.

You can hear Kerry muttering on in the background in his monotone as Meyer is pummeled to the ground.

Last year, activists led a march decrying the use of tasers. Almost 200 people have died from police use of tasers. Here's the audio of a woman in a wheelchair being tasered to death.

Typing from my Old Timey Post-Activist Rocking Chair, I can only offer some tips for would-be confrontationists:

If you really want to get the point across, be concise. Don't hog the mic.

If you plan on being disruptive, be prepared to get arrested. Bring legal aide in advance.

I'd say bring media, but it seemed there were about two dozen people with cameras of all kinds. But the cops have upped their (potentially fatal) technology, too, which is why I no longer do these sort of things.

But you kids. Keep it up.

Update:CNN has caught the story, as have many other corporate outlets, thanks to a variety of independent videographers who caught several angles of the fracas.

"Taserkid" as Meyer is being derisively called by rightwing pundits and dipsticks, may sue, and the rent-a-cops were placed on leave; paid leave (here, for being an ass, you get money for nothing).

Oh, and "Taser Boy" Meyer is a bit of a would-be actor, as shown in this silly short film from his website.

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