Sunday, September 23, 2007

Circo Politico

The New York Times' erudite Frank Rich
weighs in on the perspective that Sen. Larry Craig actually broke no laws, and aside from being the typical conservative pork-lovin' hack of a politicians, who's followed party lines against any pro-LGBT legislation, and his previous eagerness to clear himself -without being asked- of the early '80s page scandal we all forgot about pre-Foleygate, he's actually innocent.

"Justice lovers of all sexual persuasions must rally to save the Idaho senator before he is forced to prematurely evacuate his seat," wrote Rich.

Who's on Craig's side? No less an unlikely supporter than a gay activist with half a century of creds, Frank Kameny, who recently had the honor of getting a few personal items added to the Smithsonian Institution.

I remember meeting Frank in the mid-1990s. He was sitting on a little stool outside a movie theatre in Los Angeles, protesting the fact that the gay film festival OutFest had Coors as a sponsor. The beer maker has a long history of its foundation supporting rightwing politicians and legislation, but has spent a lot of advertising and sponsorship money to show that it's changed.

I even recall, when I was first fulltime at the Bay Area Reporter, a group of Coors reps coming to the office in an attempt to woo us into placing their ads. Among the people at the meeting (deceased) publisher Bob Ross held was none other than Mary Cheney.

The Craig circus may not have died down completely, but it's certainly taken a side ring. Completely off the circus line-up is a less splashy scandal that will probably never see much more attention, but it's Watergate-worthy. Unfortunately, Bushco has accumulated such a huge dungpile of scandals, that they tend to become too stench-ridden to differentiate.

Basically, according to Harpers's, Bushco snooped on John Edwards and Hillary Clinton's campaigns, in a corrupt attempt to find something -anything- to prosecute in an attempt to ruin their campaigns. Very Rovian, and very real.

Front and center in the pop culture circus, aside from Britney, are the pics of -allegedly- Oscar de la Hoya in fishnet stockings, heels, and -this is new- a tutu.

Having been a cast member of a production of Rocky Horror Picture Show (Brad Majors, believe it or not) who wore fishnets twice a weekend more than 30 times at the old Kent (Ohio) Movie Theatre back in the 80s, I'm not one to judge. Good for Oscar if he likes to wear drag. Some very macho men have a feminine side. I, however, -a total 'mo- actually gave away all my Halloween costumes a while ago.

Oscar's outfits remind me of a very sexy Cuban guy I dated many years ago. He looked like Oscar, was quite -perhaps too- butch in his usual demeanor. But come Halloween, in a tight skirt and heels, he was the nelliest thing since Chris Crocker.
The debate drags on over the authenticity of the pics.

There's no debate over the fabulousness of Circo Zero's latest show, Sol Niger. I'm going next weekend, and you better get tickets soon. Last weekend sold out.

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