Friday, September 14, 2007

Crocker Dial

Talk about a Warholian fifteen minutes!

Chris Crocker is insta-famous for his screeching, bawling "Leave Britney Alone!" YouTube rant. Instant parodies, instant replies, instant re-edits (like the one below) and instant in-depth interviews; well, that one by Eli Sanders is actually well-thought and well done.

Lots of antigay attacks, lots of support and a ton of attention have been written in comments about the Southern femme boy (on Real Bitch Island, aka somewhere in the south US).

And word is he'll soon have a reality show, more fame, and more ridicule, but at least an escape from his small town life. MTV execs want to exploit his "virality."

Half of me thinks, "You go, girl!" the other half thinks, "Oh, joy, another stereotypical queeny Franklin Pangborn for the media to eat alive.

He's a hero. He's a little boy. He's a queen. He's a star.

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