Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cashing In, Selling Out, Getting Out

GOP presidential candidate, former New York City mayor and occasional drag queen Rudy Giuliani has his staffers distancing themselves from a fundraiser that crassly asked $9.11 per person.

Considering Rudy has been boasting about his accomplishments ever since Sept. 11, it should be no surprise. But his underlings are claiming it wasn't their idea.

Rudita, as he's known when in drag, arrogantly dared terrorists to try and bomb the World Trade Center after the 1993 attacks, and for course, they took him up on his dare.

EVERY one of his fundraisers should have a crass 9/11 tie-in. So 9/11 is, in effect, Rudy's fault.


And, also in the world of crass entertainment, closeted lesbian Queen Latifa got a bit huffy when asked about her obstruse comments on gay marriage by Dallas Voice Life+Style Editor Daniel A. Kusner.

Kusner gives the play-by-play from a multiple-reporter phone interview, where he's the only interviewer asking "the gay" questions.

Latifah and her underling promised a longer interview to discuss the "gay" topics later, after the four-prong fluff session was over with. Of course, they lied and backed away when pressed.

Latifah skirts around questions about her own sexual orientation. That may have been off-limits for years. But when she makes comments about gay marriage, rolls into a town with her publicists courting the gay press for her domestic violence cause, then doesn't know squat about the discriminatory problems LGBT couples face when trying to deal with domestic violence issues, it's time for Miss Thing to get schooled.

And, in news that makes it now official; there is no reason at all to watch Saturday Night Live ever again:

Maya Rudolph abruptly left the show just before the season opener and will not be returning. With her fabulous characterizations (Nooni! Whitney! Donatella Vercase!) and singing talent, she will be missed from the otherwise banal show, which died years ago, but nobody told Lorne Michaels.

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