Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Falls, Big Storms

More than ten years ago, my first novel, PINS, was published. Set in the real New Jersey town of Little Falls, its name embodied one of the many metaphors in that book.

In my expansive research, I bought and studied topographical maps, received promotional material from the town council (and a supportive note), and even visited a few times (once after moving to California while attending a nearby family event), stopping through to take photos of buildings and homes which became the model for several settings.

For the cast and crew of the 2002 premiere of my commissioned stage adaptation of PINS, I bought Little Falls memorabilia as gifts.

While I changed some names to other fictional titles, I felt like I'd a sense of the reality of life in that town.

So it was with an especially unusual bit of sadness that I saw one the news that Little Falls, along with many parts of the Eastern tri-state area, had been devastated by the floods from recent harsh winter storms.

Trees sliced through homes
like a scene from Donnie Darko, and even killed a man. A tree.

May the people of the East recover from the natural (or climate change-induced?) devastation. This also happened two years ago, and several times before that.

Gosh. It's so ... biblical.

Or else they're just too stupid for not moving or stopping it from happening, despite a report LAST YEAR telling them they should build levies.

Oh, New Jersey. Thanks so much, ya big dope.

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