Sunday, March 7, 2010

and the Oscar goes to....

Being a writer, I always gravitate to the Best Sceenplay nominations. That "The Hurt Locker" won is fine, but that the writer exaggerated and completely fictionalized the work of bomb squad personnel to make a faux-war-critique film that's actually pro-war propaganda, didn't please me.

The fact that I was at an Oscar party where thousands were raised for AIDS-HIV and other nonprofits, was fine. But seeing the usual status quo winners wasn't.

That "The Hurt locker" won the Best Director to a woman, Katherine Bigelow, over billion-dollar director James Cameron, was remarkable.

But the Academy is basically a bunch of old out of work actors who resent CGI characters. Despite "Avatar"s global phenomenon, and "The Hurt Locker"'s relative obscurity, it's fascinating to see the underdog win among the blockbusters.

I still have yet to see more than 3 of the 'Best Picture' nominated films. So who am I to complain?

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