Monday, March 22, 2010

Hell & Healthcare

Like a giant toxic kidney stone, the Healthcare bill passed.

Hooray. Whoop-de-doo.

Reichwing losers (particularly one in a recent presidential election) are already threatening to repeal it.

Of course, it's been gutted of abortion services, except in emergency purposes.

It's been gutted of LGBT inclusion, so if your GLBT partner is hospitalized, you still have second-class rights, or none at all. Yet the Human Rights Campaign supports it.

But to criticize it is to possibly be dumped in the camp of lunatic hordes who invaded the Capitol Building mall and tried to riot inside. they closed the building (the same as any other large protest would induce), yet reichwingers are few yet furious in their ire.

A few hundred total wackos, some screaming racist and homophobic epithets, others using signage of assassination threats, another actually Tweeting about it, and another pasty-faced white man shouting "Baby-killer," this time a congressman.

It's ugly, watching the rightwing unravel.

" I will make a concerted effort emhance my personal wealth by scaming the system. That will become the national passtime. And by the way. JUST WATCH for whats comming down the pike. BEFORE THE NOV. ELECTION. Amnesty, & energy (cap and trade), they have to pass this fast to complete the takeover. My God help us all."

Why are they so upset? It pleases the health insurance lobbyists, who paid off the rightwing and Blue Dog Democrat politicians to start those horrid shouting matches at town halls.

But if it's perceived as a victory for President Obama, fine.

Let's move on.

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