Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whores of Babble-On

Maggie Gallagher, STFU.

As shown in this YouTube video, antigay-marriage whore Maggie Gallagher has been blabbing hate for decades, even back to the over-the-top shoulder-padded 80s.

Here she is in all her passé fashion-don't glory. The main spokesfrau for the Catholic Mormom money-laundering NOM used to just be a woman's rights hater. Now she's a gay-hater. Nice to see she's at least changed her target, if not her hideous fashion sense.

Carrie Prejean, STFU.

The deposed fake-boob whore for "Christian values" not only showed her manufactured mammaries to a photographer. She sent pornographic masturbatory videos of herself to a "boyfriend," whom she actually only knew for a week. Talk about "christian" values, whore. Prejean has relentlessly made the media ho rounds on The View, and the bubbleheaded twit walked off softball grandpappy of interviews, Larry King! The nerve of him, asking her actual questions!

Reichwing nutbags, STFU.

the reichwing has been sniffing around gay blogger JoeMyGod's site for a while, but now they're in rabid faux-victim frenzy, claiming that one sarcastic comment is an all-out war on their Christianosity.

Jeebus freaks, STFU.

Just. Shut. Up.

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